Our Services

Delta Agro’s philosophy is based on 2 main ideas;

• Focusing on a single issue brings success
• Teamwork brings success

Our Services

Contracted Production

We produce various grain and vegetable products and seeds on the lands of Delta Agro. In order to protect the quality and purity of the products and seeds we produce, we meet the needs of our business partners by making contracts with our farmers, where we can follow good agricultural practices.

Agricultural Consulting

We share our experience with our business partners who want to get professional support in aquaculture, seed activities, sales activities, R&D activities and corporate growers so that they can get the best yield from corn and asparagus plants.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Dealers

We share the products of many world brands that we represent in Turkey with our business partners and ensure that Turkish agricultural professionals have access to the most up-to-date agricultural technologies.

Variety and Plant Protection, Nutrition Product Trials

We provide services for establishing, observing, reporting of yield and registration trials for Winter Cereals, Corn, Sunflower, Rapeseed and other industrial crops and plant protection and plant nutrition products.


There Are 4 Brands Growing in Their Fields Under Delta Agro Roof

DeltaFARM, one of the registered trademarks of Delta Agro, carries out contracted grain, vegetable and seed production within the scope of good agricultural practices, under suitable conditions for early and late regions. It also provides technical consultancy services.

COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS: Human health is important to us. We grow our products in accordance with both domestic and EU standards so that they are suitable for human and environmental health.

PRODUCTION FROM WASTE OF RESOURCES: We always prioritize technology and science in order to grow our products with optimum water and fertilizer needs and to prevent waste of resources.

DeltaGEN, one of the registered trademarks of Delta Agro, serves the seed industry with variety trials, seed production, disease observation, and contra-season research.

VARIETY RESEARCH: We always carry out our studies for the development of cereals, blueberry and asparagus plants with the logic of “better can be done”.

SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION: We produce seedlings of today and the future for the purpose of producing disease-free, virus-free, quality and healthy plants with plant tissue culture method.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: We reflect our respect for nature to our production stages by continuing to produce without compromising our environmental awareness. We are aware of our responsibility towards today’s world and future generations.

ADAPTATION: By closely following the changing demands of the market and new trends, we adapt quickly to these changes and always respond to the demand of the market in a timely manner.


DeltaGLOBE, one of the registered trademarks of Delta Agro, works on international business partnerships and technology imports.

GLOBAL ASSET: The way to a successful commercial activity is to keep oneself up-to-date. Thanks to our partnerships and collaborations around the world, we follow the innovations in the sector and enable our stakeholders to reach innovations.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Managing agricultural activities flawlessly requires operational excellence. We manage the rings of the supply chain with our professional human resources and strong collaborations in order to deliver the products from production to our customers on time.

WIN-WIN PHILOSOPHY: Successful business activity is a good team game. In this game, it is important that our stakeholders win as much as we do.

DeltaTECH, one of the registered brands of Delta Agro, develops national and international R&D projects to find solutions to agricultural problems and increase productivity in agriculture.

PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: As important as developing new technologies, it is the appropriate integration of processes that need technology with the developed technology.

EFFICIENCY BASED PERSPECTIVE: While producing technological solutions, we attach importance to the efficiency-oriented of these solutions.

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS: We offer our solutions to our stakeholders, always keeping in mind that the technology we produce is sustainable and can be continuously improved.

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